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Catemaco, Mexico

Catemaco is a magical and mystical destination on the Tuxtlas Mountains. It offers wild landscapes with unique flora and fauna that will leave you breathless

Typical food

Dishes you can't miss

<p>Pellizcadas con momocho</p>,Catemaco, Mexico

Pellizcadas con momocho

Thick corn tortillas topped with a pork crackling stew.

<p>Chilpachole</p>,Catemaco, Mexico


Hot seafood broth.

Typical food of Catemaco, Mexico

The cuisine of Catemaco is unique, as ingredients include endemic species of Lake Catemaco

Gastronomy in Catemaco includes exotic products from the lake that include topotes, little fish similar to charales, which are roasted in the oven; the tegogolos, freshwater snails from Lake Catemaco, served with tomato sauce, onion, coriander, and chili, which are said to have aphrodisiac properties; mojarra tilapia, fried or wrapped and cooked, and served with salad; minilla de anguila, consisting of eel cooked, dried, and served in tacos.

Another popular dish is carne de chango, consisting of smoked prok meat seasoned with aromatic herbs, with a red tone similar to the monkey meat.

You should also taste pellizcadas con momocho, a thick corn tortilla with pork crackling; crab patties, and chilpachole, a seafood broth.

For savoring these dishes you can visit La Casita and La Ola restaurants, as well as the Catemaco seafood restaurant.


Useful Tips

  • - If you plan to visit Nanciyaga, remember to pack your swimsuit and flip-flops. In addition, some hotels in Catemaco have pool.

    - Remember to drink plenty of water to stay hydrated.

    - Remember to pack comfortable shoes for walking tours or boat rides in Lake Catemaco.

The weather in Catemaco, Mexico

Catemaco has a temperate humid climate most of the year with some hot periods in summer and heavy rains in September. The average annual temperature is 29 °C (84 °F)

What to bring by season

The rainy season in Catemaco is from June to September, being the latter the wettest month. Temperatures in summer are high, but during the rainy season, days can be cooler with an average temperature of 26 °C (78 °F). We recommend packing clothes made of natural fabrics, comfortable shoes, a hat, sunglasses, sunscreen, insect repellent, and a foldable umbrella or rain jacket.

The dry season in Catemaco is from January to May, with lows of 21 °C (69 °F). We suggest bringing a light sweater for the windy evenings.


About Catemaco, Mexico

Catemaco is located on the Tuxtlas Mountains, in the south-central area of the Mexican state of Veracruz, 174 kilometers (104 mi) from the port of Veracruz. Most of Catemaco is within an area declared a Biosphere Reserve. In addition to its beautiful lagoon and jungle, Catemaco is so popular for being home of important groups of witches, sorcerers, or healers, who have embraced the ancient secrets of their ancestors. Usually, people visiting Catemaco get a clean or healing ritual, since it is the main experience you can live in the town.

This destination also offers a wonderful natural environment. Lake Catemaco offers boat service to make tours to the Herons Island, inhabited by herons, and to the Monkey Island, where you cannot descend to land but you can attract monkeys throwing bananas from the shore. The Monkey Island is formed by a Thai macaques colony implanted there years ago by the Veracruzana University in order to make studies. The macaques have adapted so well to the lake environment that are already considered part of the natural landscape of the lagoon. The island is also home to spider monkeys and howler monkeys.

The Boardwalk is the main atttraction of the destination, with more than 1.5 kilometer (0.9 mi) long and incredible views of the lake and the town. In downtown Catemaco, you can find the Basilica of Our Lady of Carmen, where multiple pilgrimages arrive, whose interior is decorated with Baroque-style gold leaf; the Central Park, the Municipal Palace, and El Cerrito, an old pyramid covered with earth and grass. To explore the main points of Catemaco and the surrounding areas, you can take a tour at the city of Veracruz.

Rio Grande de Catemaco is nourished by the waters of Lake Catemaco, its channel reaches the Salto de Eyipantla and then flows into the Gulf of Mexico. The Salto de Eyipantla, located 12 kilometers (7.2 mi) from Catemaco, is a cascade of 40 meters (131 ft) wide and 50 meters (164 ft) high, which has been scenery of commercial advertisements, TV series, and films, as Apocalypto.

Regarding films, Nanciyaga is a private natural reserve 7 kilometers (4.2 mi) from Catemaco, where the northern tropical rain forest joins with incalculable diversity of flora and fauna. El Curandero de la Selva was filmed in this reserve.

***The official currency of Mexico is the Mexican Peso (MXN).