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Esterillo, Costa Rica

Esterillos is a beach area with three small communities, ideal to relax and go surfing

Typical food

Dishes you can't miss

Typical food of Esterillo, Costa Rica

The beach of Esterillos has three towns, and only a few restaurants distributed throughout them

Dishes based on seafood are prepared in the Esterillos area. You can also find typical stews such as potajes, which are based on cooked vegetables; vigorón, a pork stew with cabbage and cassava; gaucho rice, which includes pork or chicken, tomatoes, sweet peppers, vinegar or orange juice, achiote, and other spices; pot of meat, a meat broth with vegetables: and patacones, consisting of fried green plantain slices.

Delight in a fish ceviche or a seafood soup; taste the marinade escabeche costeño, which is prepared with tuna; enjoy the rice with squid or shrimp and the tuna stew; and pamper yourself with a grilled lobster.

Desserts include the traditional slush, which is shaved ice with syrup with different flavors; churchill, a kind of slush with condensed milk to which you can add ice cream, milk powder, or muffins; and the slide, which is more like a horchata-like rice drink with cinnamon, nutmeg, sugar, and milk. Tamarind beverages are also prepared to cool off; pipe water, which is made with the banana peel, and horchata, which contains peanuts, rice. and cocoa.

Taste the variety of meals prepared in the restaurants of Esterillos Beach. West Esterillos has Mediterranean and casual restaurants. In addition, the dining options East Esterillos includes the restaurants at the Playa Bejuco, Monterey del Mar, and Alma del Pacifico hotels where seafood is the specialty.


Useful Tips

  • - Protect yourself with a broad spectrum sunscreen in the day and with insect repellent at night.

    - Esterillos is basically a beach destination; bring appropriate clothes to enjoy it as your swimsuit, T-shirts, shorts, and a hat or a cap.

    - If you plan to go hiking in the wooded area, wear comfortable clothes and shoes.

The weather in Esterillo, Costa Rica

The climate in Esterillos is tropical monsoon, with an average temperature of 26 ºC (79 °F), with the central area slightly hotter than the others. The rainfall reaches 3,000 mm (118 in) every year, and there is a season of torrential rains that lasts eight months

What to bring by season

The average temperature from month to month in Esterillos varies almost nothing. It is usually quite hot; lows remain above 20 °C (68 °F), while highs range from around 30 to 34 °C (86-93 °F). Moderate rains fall from January to March, while in April they become abundant and from May to November they are torrential; then rainfall decreases a little in December. The average rainfall exceeds 200 mm (8 in) from May to November: although October is the rainiest month. with  more than 500 mm (19.6 in) of rainfall.

You should bring your swimsuit, light clothes, smocks, shorts, a hat or a cap, and sunglasses. For the rainy season, bring a rain jacket or an umbrella.


About Esterillo, Costa Rica

Esterillos is a quiet beach on the central Pacific coast of Costa Rica, in the area of ​​the Gulf of Nicoya, in the northern part of the province of Puntarenas. This beach is characterized by its easy access and low influx, lacking even now the hustle and bustle of other nearby tourist towns such as Jaco, which is 28 kilometers (17.4 mi) away. Esterillos covers a continuous beach line of about 7 kilometers (4.3 mi), with greyish sands, palm trees, and almond trees; but it actually consists of three sections, each with its own community: East Esterillos, Central Esterillos, and West Esterillos.

West Esterillos has streams and rocky headlands from whose top you can see the landscape, and a bronze sculpture next to the sea that represents a seated mermaid, which seems to emerge from the water when the tide rises. The Mermaid is the work of the artist Albino Valverde and is located in the northern area of ​​this beach that is full of rocks and fossil remains, and where the waves break slowly allowing surfing with long board.

On the other hand, East Esterillos and Central Esterillos are divided by the Bejuco River in whose waters crocodiles swim down to the mouth of the tributary during the rainy season. In this area. mangroves abound and its waves are also ideal for surfing. Central Esterillos has a surfing area known as La Felicidad because it is in front of a hotel with the same name, and in East Esterillos you has instructors who can teach you to surf. In addition, East Esterillos houses the Savegre Ranch that offers horseback riding in the sand and into the forest.

The sea in the Esterillos area has consistent waves throughout the year, so the three sections are excellent for surf lovers, with the best time to do this sport when the tide rises and the waves are stronger. These crystal-clear waters with their calm areas also invite you to swim and practice other sports such as diving and snorkeling. Here you can enjoy a boat ride, take a sport fishing or an ATV tour, walk through the lush hills on foot or on a quad bike, take a long walk on the beach that gains ground when the tide drops, or just relax in front of the sea and watch the sunset. The three sections of Esterillos have several luxury hotels, properties, and apartments that are available for rent for vacation, as well as a camping site. East Esterillos also has a short grass runway.

***The official currency of Costa Rica is the Costa Rican colon (CRC).