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Grapevine, United States

Grapevine honors its name by offering high-quality wines and by being the venue for the annual GrapeFest®. It is a destination full of historical attractions and fun for the whole family

Typical food

Dishes you can't miss

<p>BBQ ribs</p>,Grapevine, United States

BBQ ribs

Pork ribs marinated in barbecue sauce.

<p>Cheese cake</p>,Grapevine, United States

Cheese cake

Cake prepared with cottage cheese, cream cheese, and sugar.

<p>Wine</p>,Grapevine, United States


Wines from Grapevine vineyards.

Typical food of Grapevine, United States

Grapevine is home of the annual GrapeFest® and has more than 200 restaurants with options to satisfy all tastes

Wine is the most popular drink in Grapevine. The annual GrapeFest® takes place in mid-September, featuring wine tastings from over 40 wineries in the state, to later vote on the 10 favortites in different categories. Among the award-winning wineries are: Messina Hof WineryLandon Winery, and Sweet Springs Winery. Attendees have the opportunity to taste wines from other states such as Washington, and from other countries, including Italy. Additionally, people can see the exciting grape stomping contest, where 12 teams from the surroundings of Texas participate.

A gastronomic fest takes place at the same time than GrapeFest®. It offers Texan and American specialties in general. You can savor nachos, ground beef sandwiches, pizza, BBQ ribs, French fries, chicken fajijas, chili, burritos, grilled corn cobs, and corn dogs. Regarding deserts, you can enjoy chocolate-covered apples, cheese cake, brochettes of fruits covered in chocolate, and all kinds of pastries. Lemonade, tea, and coffee are served for those who prefer not to drink alcohol.

The most popular restaurants of Grapevine are located in the historic center. To enjoy a delicious breakfast you can go to Main Street Bread Company, which offers its awarded almond croissant; and Tolbert's, considered a legend in Grapevine, open since 1976 and popular for its Texas Red dressing and its fried chicken. In addition, you can savor steaks in an exclusive ambiance at Dino's Steak and Clawhouse, and at Willhoite's you can enjoy a buffet of sandwich and burgers.


Useful Tips

  • - If you are travelling in summer, we suggest you to stay well hydrated and to cover yourself from the sun with a cap or a hat.

    - During winter, we recommend dressing warmly and to pay attention to weather reports if you plan to do outdoor activities.

The weather in Grapevine, United States

The climate in Grapevine is sub-tropical humid, with hot summers and very cold winters

What to bring by season

Summers in Grapevine tend to be very hot, with temperatures ranging from 27 to 37 °C (81-99 °F). The weather tends to be very cold from December to February, with highs of 15 °C (59 °F) and lows below zero. Snow is not common, although frosts are. Spring and fall are the seasons with the most temperate climate of the year, with highs of 26 °C (79 °F) and lows of 10 °C (50 °F) at night.

In summer, we recommend using comfortable and light clothing, sunscreen, sunglasses, and a cap or a hat. In winter, we suggest packing warm clothing such as sweaters, a heavy jacket, gloves, closed-toe shoes, a scarf, and a hat. Remember to bring an umbrella or a rain jacket, especially if you travel between May and June.


About Grapevine, United States

Grapevine is a city located within the area known as Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex, 35 kilometers (21.8 mi) from Dallas and 36 kilometers (22.4 mi) from Fort Worth, Texas. The city was ranked one of the best places to live in by CNNMoney in 2007, and it is an excellent leisure destination due to its variety of hotels.

Life in this city revolves around the historic Main Street, which houses boutiques, jewelry stores, restaurants, tasting rooms of various wineries, and art galleries. In mid-September, the historic center of Grapevine hosts the annual GrapeFest®, where you can taste 154 wines from 43 wineries in the state, in what it is considered the largest wine competition in the United States. This event features a regional food fair and the exciting grape stomping contest.

Grapevine has several wineries where you can try the best Texan wines; this state is the fifth largest wine producer in America. Cross Timbers Winery is home to the award-winning Texas Blush; Delaney Vineyards & Winery is the largest vineyard in northern Texas; and D'Vine Wine Grapevine has a cellar with over 32 varieties of wines, cheese, and various accessories. In addition, Grapevine's harvest festival takes place in April, providing free transportation to various wineries.

Recreational activities are available in this destination, such as wine tasting rides on the historial locomotives of Grapevine Vintage Railroad, that operate on weekends; visits to the Palace Arts Center Theater, within a historic Art Deco-style building, featuring plays, concerts, films, and various receptions; and to the Grapevine Glockenspiel Clock Tower, whose clock comes alive at 18:00 hrs with a parade of articulated figurines staging a train robbery.

Shopping enthusiasts can visit Grapevine Mills, that has over 180 stores and offers fun for the whole family with LEGOLAND® Discovery Center, SEA LIFE Aquarium Grapevine, a children's carousel, and a miniature train that runs through the mall. For nature lovers, there is Lake Grapevine, where you can go boating, water skiing, hiking, biking, and camping, not to mention its two marinas: Silver Lake Marina and Scott's Landing Marina.

Grapevine has three golf courses ranked among the top best 50 public courses in the United States: Bear Creek Golf, with 36 holes, is near Dallas International Airport; the Cowboys Golf Club, the only themed golf course in the world, alluding to the Dallas Cowboys; and Grapevine Golf Course, with 27 holes.

***The official currency of the United States is the United States Dollar (USD).