Prepare your trip is very easy

Here are some tips to prepare your documents, plan and enjoy the most of your cruise.

Pack your passport

It is an essential document for international travel. Check the passport requirements at the website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs or government agency in your country.

Visas and certificates

Check if you need a visa or medical certificate to enter each of the countries you will visit. Plan all your paperwork in advance. Search for information on the website of the Ministry of Tourism or Foreign Affairs of each country you plan to visit.

Credit card

You will need it to open an account for purchases on board since most of the ships manage systems of onboard purchases without cash.

All ships accept credit card to open an account and some allow you to do a deposit in cash or traveler's checks (both in US dollars).


You will use it when visiting the different ports. It is important to check what currency is accepted in every country you plan to visit.

If you decide to exchange money it is recommended to do it before starting your trip, so when the ship reaches a port, you will be better prepared and will take advantage of your stay.

Do I need to speak another language?

It is not necessary, all the ships have a multilingual staff. Most of the ships have documentation and signs in English and Spanish.

What to pack

Here are some things you might not expect to need on a cruise:

  • Bring formal clothing and shoes (formal wear rental is available onboard).
  • Binoculars to enjoy the views from the ship.
  • Bathing suits.
  • Sport clothing and shoes.
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