Hotel Cancelation policy

Your hotel reservation is subject to policies established by the accommodation supplier. You will always be able to review the applicable policy before completing your reservation, and in your travel itinerary.

Free cancelation

In reservations with free cancelation there is a period where penalties do not apply if you cancel your reservation. Please take into account that this period has a fixed duration, after which penalties will apply in case of cancelation.

When do penalties apply?

Penalties apply if you cancel outside the free cancelation period or if you booked a hotel with stricter cancelation policies. Before canceling, review the policy applicable to your reservation.

No show at the hotel or early departures

In case you cannot show up at the hotel, or you have to leave before the end of your stay, the accommodation supplier may apply penalties. Call us if you find yourself in one of these situations.

To cancel, call:
+1 855 437 8999
and have on hand the following information 
Hours of Operation:
24 hours, 365 days a year
  1. Complete name of the traveler
  2. Record locator
  3. Confirmation code (which you received via email)

If you prefer, email your cancelation request to with the above mentioned information and the reason for the cancelation.