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Jacksonville Beach, United States

Jacksonville Beach is an ideal destination for vacations which blends the beach atmosphere with historic buildings and amusement parks

Typical food

Dishes you can't miss

<p>Mac and cheese</p>,Jacksonville Beach, United States

Mac and cheese

Macaroni baked with a white sauce of cheddar cheese 

<p>Minorcan clam chowder</p>,Jacksonville Beach, United States

Minorcan clam chowder

Cream made with clams and tomatoes, served with pieces of toasted bread known as croutons.

<p>Indian Pale Ale</p>,Jacksonville Beach, United States

Indian Pale Ale

Foamy beer characterized by its high alcohol content.

<p>Key lime pie</p>,Jacksonville Beach, United States

Key lime pie

Pie topped with a mixture of lemon juice, egg yolks, and condensed milk.

Typical food of Jacksonville Beach, United States

The cuisine of Jacksonville Beach is an exotic fusion of seafood with ingredients from swamps, influenced by the cultural diversity of the city

Jacksonville Beach has adopted ingredients and culinary techniques of Jacksonville due to its proximity, as the use of catfish or frog legs. On the other hand, Jacksonville Beach is a coastal city that uses fresh and savory seafood ingredients, especially clams. One of the most representative dishes of the region is mac and cheese, baked macaroni with a white cheddar cheese sauce. Another culinary creation of the city is the Minorcan clam chowder, made with clams and tomatoes, served with pieces of toasted bread known as croutons.

In Jacksonville Beach you can find other dishes, including grilled catfish fillet or frog legs, than can be served with a datil pepper sauce, similar to the habanero chili, to give more flavor to the dish. You can drink an Indian Pale Ale beer made with hop, a plant that prevents it from acquiring a sour taste, characterized by its high alcohol content. Regarding desserts, you should try the key lime pie, one the most famous desserts in this city and in Florida. It consists of a pie topped with a mixture of lime juice, egg yolks, and condensed milk. In addition, you can try desserts with chocolate, such as the chocolate bread pudding, a chocolate bread served with ice cream and caramelized bananas; or the strawberry chocolate trifle, a chocolate bread with strawberries and whipped cream.

The tourism boom in the city has caused a great culinary variety and today you can find multiple dining options, including specialty restaurants ranging from Hawaiian, Caribbean, and Latin, to places serving Japanese, Chinese, and Indian cuisine.


Useful Tips

  • - Remember to bring your swimsuit to enjoy the beaches of this city.

    - We recommend bringing a warm sweater or a jacket.

    - You must pack sunscreen to protect your skin if you decide to sunbathe.

The weather in Jacksonville Beach, United States

The weather in Jacksonville Beach is humid and warm with hot summers and rainfall most of the year

What to bring by season

Jacksonville Beach has an average annual temperature of 20.7 °C (69 ºF) and a mild and warm climate. Temperatures can reach 30 °C (86 ºF) during the hot season. Although there is rainfall during most of the year, precipitation increases in summer, being August the rainiest month. If you travel to Jacksonville Beach this time of year, remember to bring your swimsuit, comfortable clothes and shoes, sunscreen, sunglasses, and a hat or a cap.

Winters in this city are fresh and thermometers can drop to temperatures around 10 °C (50 ºF), especially in January, the coldest month. If you visit this destination in winter, we suggest packing a warm jacket or sweater, even a scarf, gloves, or hats since humidity may cause a colder apparent temperature.


About Jacksonville Beach, United States

Jacksonville Beach is 27 kilometers (16 mi) from Jacksonville and 150 kilometers (90 mi) from Daytona Beach, both tourist destinations of Florida. Its main attraction is the beach, with white sand and cool water. You can sunbathe to get the perfect tan or go surfing to ride the waves. Also, you can practice volley ball and fishing.

Adventure Landing offers attractions for kids and adults. This park has rides, a miniature golf, video games, a batting cage, and go-karts. Shipwreck Island Waterpark is part of the same complex, which features slides, water games, a lazy river, and a wave pool. One of the must stops is the Beaches Museum and History Park, within a historic building where visitors will learn more about the history of the region. This museum preserves items and files regarding the first residents of the zone, an 18th-century restored house, a railway depot, and a locomotive dating back to 1911 and weighing more than 28 tons. This historic park has a chapel, which is used to host events.

In addition, you will find the J Johnson Gallery, which exhibits a series of sculptures, paintings, photos, and other works by national and international contemporary artists. If you like theater, you can see the program of the Players by the Sea Theater and enjoy some dramatic or musical performances. This city houses two entertainment centers, the Seawalk Pavilion, which is a seside amphitheater where music festivals and other events are held; and the Freebird Live venue for up to 700 people, where bands play concerts. This place has historic and musical files of rock bands as Lynyrd Skynyrd.

Jacksonville Beach is an ideal destination for families or couples since it offers several lodging options. You can relax by walking on the beach and the Jacksonville Beach Pier, or you can try its exotic dining offer that blends sea and swamp ingredients, an interesting fusion you should try.

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