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Katy, United States

Visitors of Katy can enjoy the western way of life, historical attractions, natural areas, golf courses, and shopping at the third largest shopping center in the region

Typical food

Dishes you can't miss

Typical food of Katy, United States

Katy has a wide gastronomic offer that includes sites where you can make a quick stop for eating, and traditional family restaurants

Enjoy the varied gastronomy available in Katy, including the Mexican influence resulting from the location of the city. Some of the restaurants that you can find in Katy include Joe 5 Star Pizzeeria & Ristorante, Snappy's Café & Grill, Southland Icehouse, Cottage Charm at The Romack House, and Midway Barbeque. If you want to try Mexican specialties, you can try Los Cucos and Trios Mexican Grill. If you prefer a beer, visit No Label Brewing Company. As additional information, rice is one of the commodities that this region produces.


Useful Tips

  • - Carry an umbrella or a rain jacket, rains in Katy tend to be heavy throughout the year.

    - If you travel between April and October, stay well hydrated by drinking plenty of water, and protect yourself with broad-spectrum sunscreen, a hat or a cap, and sunglasses.

    - Nights become cool between November and April; we recommend bringing a heavy jacket and a scarf.

The weather in Katy, United States

The climate in Katy is humid subtropical, with rains throughout the year, accumulating 1,282 mm (50.5 in). The average temperature is 22 ºC (72 °F), the maximum historical temperature recorded has been 42 °C (108 °F), in 2011, and the minimum has been -14 °C (7 °F), in 1949

What to bring by season

Katy has intense rains throughout the year, with a monthly average rainfall of 107 mm (4.2 in). The month experiencing the lightest rain is February, with only 81 mm (3.2 in) of rainfall, while June is the month with the most intense rainfall, averaging 144 mm (5.7 in). Days can be very hot between April and October, with highs of up to 36 °C (97 °F) in August, and lows ranging between 16 and 25 °C (61-77 °F). The climate cools down between November and March, with lows of 7 °C (45 °F). December and January have highs of 18 to 24 °C (64-75 °F).

You should bring clothing made of synthetic fabrics that dry faster, cotton T-shirts that will help you to stay fresh, and an umbrella or a rain jacket. In winter you will need a jacket, pants, and even a scarf.


About Katy, United States

Katy is a city in Texas, 45 kilometers (28 mi) west of Houston and 17 kilometers (10.6 mi) from the Energy Corridor that concentrates companies of the energy industry. The town is located in what was once an open meadow as those shown in western movies, where the Karankawa tribes used to hunt, and an area where buffaloes fed during winter.

Learn about pioneers and the development of agriculture at the Katy Heritage Museum, admire military displays at the Katy Veterans Memorial Museum, and contemplate restored historic houses at Katy Heritage Park, that comprises the Humble Mess Hall, former post office, and the tool room and laundry at Tradition Bank Bandstand. Another historical attraction is MKT Depot, a former train station that currently is a museum and tourist information center featuring a train's caboose. Great Southwest Equestrian Center offers the chance to enjoy horse shows and competitions.

Katy has green areas, walking or biking trails, and sports fields. Some of the areas to enjoy outdoor activities are the coastal meadows of ​​Katy Prairie and Bear Creek Park, that is a habitat for some wildlife species, with sports fields, playgrounds, trails for riding, and an aviary. Don't miss George Bush Park, offering a shooting range and an airstrip for model airplanes; Central Green Park, designed for community events; Katy Play Station, with facilities for children with disabilities; and Mary Jo Peckham Park with an indoor pool, a miniature golf, a lake, and a fishing pier. In addition, Millie Bush Dog Park has three lakes, and Katy City Dog Park features a pool, showers, and fountains.

Enjoy a shopping day at Katy Mills, which is the third largest shopping center in the region, with about 200 shops, whose design was inspired by a racetrack; or the downtown area, housing antique shops and establishments that sell handicrafts, artworks, and gifts. The community of Cinco Rancho belongs to Katy; it has a lake, a beach club, pools, a water park, sports courts, and natural trails, as well as the YMCA fitness center, LaCenterra and Villagio Town Center shopping center, and a golf club. Katy has other golf courses such as Meadowbrook Farms Golf Club, The Club at Falcon Point, and Willow Fork Country Club.

Visit Katy during the second weekend of October, when people celebrate the Rice Harvest Festival, with food and crafts, and a carnival; or in April, when the Folk Life Festival takes place in a wooded area, with activities recalling country life 100 years ago. Katy ISD FFA Livestock Show & Rodeo attracts professionals from all around the country. In July 4 it is common for people to enjoy a picnic and a fireworks show at Katy Mills. In early December you should attend the lighting of the Christmas tree, that includes entertainment and live music.

***The official currency of the United States is the United States Dollar (USD).