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Hotel 2.4 mi from Nutibara Hill

Pet-friendly (fees and restrictions apply)

Hotel 1 mile from the soccer stadium

Hotel near Cerro El Volador natural park

No-frills hotel with parking 500 meters from the baseball diamond

Pet-friendly hotel (fees and restrictions apply)

Hotel Loup fffd Medellin

Hotel in El Poblado with free WiFi

Quinta Ladera fff Medellin

Hotel near the Museum of Modern Art

Ayenda 79 Hotel ffd Medellin

Hotel near El Poblado Park

Ayenda Tree House ffd Medellin

Hotel in the neighborhood of Laureles

Hotel in San Pablo with restaurant and WiFi

Hotel near the Museum of Modern Art

No-frills hotel 200 meters (656 ft) from Primer Parque de Laureles