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Minatitlán, Mexico

Enjoy the natural attractions of the city of Minatitlán, a destination that houses Latin America's largest refinery

Typical food

Dishes you can't miss

<p>Pejelagarto</p>,Minatitlán, Mexico


Exotic meat used for different dishes, including tamales.

<p>Meat of chinameca</p>,Minatitlán, Mexico

Meat of chinameca

Delicious spicy meat smoked with oak wood.

<p>Picaditas</p>,Minatitlán, Mexico


A tortilla with pinched edges topped with mole or sauce, cream, and cheese.

<p>Grass leaves tea</p>,Minatitlán, Mexico

Grass leaves tea

Traditional infusion of grass leaves, a citrus-flavored herb.

Typical food of Minatitlán, Mexico

The cuisine of Minatitlán includes regional recipes and dishes prepared with exotic meat

Minatitlán offers stews with meat of exotic animals as the tortoise, iguana, pejelagarto, and duck. Tamales of pejelagarto are prepared with dough, lard, and the meat of this primitive fish. You will also find chipile tamales wrapped in banana leaves; tamales stuffed with coyol, a small coconut; chanchamitos, a small tamal stuffed with pork, bathed in a very hot sauce, and served with rice pudding; cooked dough tamales stuffed with chicken or pork and epazote; and bollitos de elote, corn tamales wrapped in corn husks and served with cream and cheese, and can be fried.

Other typical dishes are salted shrimp, dried fish, chinameca beef, consisting of spicy meat smoked with oak wood; Veracruz-style seafood, and cochinita pibil tacos. The salty cheese and corn chips are also popular. Other Mexican cravings from Veracruz are fried plantain served with cream and double cream cheese or filled with meat or cheese; picaditas, thick and small tortillas served with mole or sauce, cheese, and cream; garnachas; patties of meat, cheese, or fish; and memelas prepared with refried beans, chinameca meat, sausage, cheese, fried plantain, and cream. Popular drinks include coyol atole and grass tea.


Useful Tips

  • - If you travel between November and December, we recommend packing a sweater, a heavy jacket, gloves, and a scarf, since nights can be cold.

    - Days are usually very hot, so you should drink plenty of water to stay hydrated and protect yourself with sunscreen.

    - Bring an umbrella or a rain jacket and waterproof shoes, because it rains all year round in Minatitlán.

The weather in Minatitlán, Mexico

Minatitlán has an equatorial climate with an average temperature of 28 °C (82 °F). Precipitations reach 2,289 mm (90.1 in) per year and there are heavy rains 67 % of the year. Every year, rivers overflow due to the rains, and flood communities along the banks of the streams

What to bring by season

The climate is warm along the day, with a maximum temperature of 31 °C (88 °F), which can reach 44 °C (111 °F). Nights are cooler, with lows from 17 to 22 °C (63-72 °F), that decrease to 2 °C (36 °F) during the winter months. Rainfalls are torrential from June to November, heavy in December and January, and moderate in March and April. The rainiest month is September, when precipitation accumulates an average of 429 mm (16.9 in).

You should bring an umbrella or rain jacket, rain boots, insect repellent, clothing made of natural fibers, sunscreen, and a cap or hat.


About Minatitlán, Mexico

The city of Minatitlan is part of a major industrial area and has the largest Pemex refinery in Mexico and Latin America. This city is located in the south of  the Mexican state of Veracruz, on the banks of the Coatzacoalcos River. This river is ideal for boat rides to admire the sunset and enjoy the scenery of the boats laden with fruits and cattle. The Coatzacoalcos River is the main natural attraction of the city, where the manatee sanctuary is set, with eight families of these aquatic mammals.

In the downtown area of this quiet city, you can see the city hall, the main church, and busts of different characters, including Don Migel Hidalgo y Costilla and Francisco Javier Mina, founder of the city. Lomas de Tacojalpan, another attraction in Minatitlan, is an archaeological vestige of the Olmec culture consisting of mounds, which housed pyramids and temples, and hosted ball games. This area is full of plants and exotic flowers, and from here you can see the Manatee Hill and Lagoon. You cannot miss the spectacle of the arrival of migratory birds flying from Canada and the United States to this lagoon. To be in contact with nature, you will find El Manatí Natural Water Park in the area of Jagüey, featuring a floating pier to practice water sports as kayaking; and La Montaña Protected Natural Park with trails to walk through the trees.

The traditions in Minatitlan include the carnival before the Lent, with folk dances, fireworks, cockfights, and horse races; the Oil Expropriation on March 18 with dances, rides, and sports events; and religious parties such as La Candelaria on February 2 and the traditional festival of San Juan Bautista on June 24, with a fair and dances.

***The official currency of Mexico is the Mexican Peso (MXN).