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Naranjo, Costa Rica

Located in a fertile area, the town of Naranjo is ideal to discover the processes of coffee cultivation and to venture to practice bungee jumping from a bridge

Typical food

Dishes you can't miss

Typical food of Naranjo, Costa Rica

Naranjo is par excellence a coffee town with several places to enjoy this beverage, and restaurants with local cuisine

The agricultural activity in Naranjo allows you to enjoy local products, such as coffee, and it has several places to taste this delicious drink. Restaurants in the town include Tio Charly’s, which prepares local cuisine and the famous chicharrones (crispy chips). Visit the Italian restaurant La Fermata; Pa ’Llevar, where hamburgers and wings are recommended; and try the handmade pizzas of Pizzeria Pomodor E Mozzarella. Other places to eat include El Mirador, Donde Papa Antojitos Naranjo, La Cuchara de Chalo, Oli’s, Bongie, Parillada el Águila, Noccas Bar Rest, El Cor Cor, Tacomelón, Max’s Place, Raulito, Sandwichería Zenga, Ka pollos rincón Ber Chi, El Portón, and Soda y Cafetería M y G. Club Fit Rossy with healthy food and Las Delicias to enjoy a dessert, are also available.


Useful Tips

  • - During the day, you should drink plenty of water and protect from the sun with sunscreen, a hat or a cap, and sunglasses.

    - If you travel between May and November, bring an umbrella or a rain jacket, and rain boots.

    - Bring comfortable clothing and shoes, so you can enjoy the attractions of Naranjo.

The weather in Naranjo, Costa Rica

Naranjo has tropical savanna climate, with a rainy and a dry season. The average temperature is 22 °C (72 °F) and the annual rainfall reaches 2,245 mm (88.3 in)

What to bring by season

The temperature varies slightly in Naranjo, with highs reaching 26 to 28 ºC (79 to 82 °F) and lows of 16 to 18 ºC (61 to 64 °F). The hottest month is April, and the coolest months are November, December, and January. Rains are intense in the middle of the year, scarce from January to March, moderate in December and April, and intensify sharply in May. From May to October rains are torrential, with a monthly average of over 260 mm (10.2 in). In October, the rains are even stronger, accumulating 410 mm (16.1 in).

We recommend bringing clothes made of fabrics such as cotton or linen, shirts with or without sleeves, a hat or a cap, sunglasses, comfortable shoes and trousers, and a sweater for the nights. In the rainy season, you will need water boots or shoes, an umbrella, or a rain jacket.


About Naranjo, Costa Rica

Naranjo is a small town in the Costa Rican Central Valley, in the province of Alajuela, settled at the foot of the Espiritu Santo hills, in an area irrigated by the Grande Colorado, Molino, Barranca. and El Espino rivers. This town, originally founded with the name of Los Naranjos, because orange trees abound, has an important agricultural activity with farms where corn, tapioca, coffee, rice, beans, sugar, and tobacco are grown, among other products.

However Naranio is recognized as a coffee town, with a quiet lifestyle where it is possible to experience what the ticos (Costa Ricans) call pure life. One of the main attractions of the community are coffee plantations such as those at the Espiritu Santo Coffee Tour estate that offers a tour through its facilities that include the Rancho Mirador, where coffee tastings are offered, the orchards, an old cart; the selection, fermented, dried, and roasted areas; a tasting room, and a craft shop.

Enjoy the tranquility of Central Park of Naranjo in front of which a baroque-style church is set, and taste a cup of coffee in the different restaurants of the town. In addition, a celebration is held annually in honor of the Virgin of Lourdes, which attracts visitors from different places.

For those looking for something exciting, in Naranjo you can take a tour to practice bungee jumping, with a fall of 60 to 80 meters (197 to 262 ft) from the Colorado River Bridge that has beautiful landscapes with lush vegetation and a height of 265 meters (869 ft). Also, from Naranjo you can visit the town of Sarchí, where handicrafts are available for sale, or explore natural beauties such as the Monteverde Cloud Forest Biological Reserve and Poás Volcano National Park.

***The official currency of Costa Rica is the colon (CRC).