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Seward, United States

One of the oldest communities in Alaska, on Resurrection Bay

Typical food

Dishes you can't miss

Bannock,Seward, United States

Bannock Round flatbread prepared with whole wheat flour, spices, and dried fruit.

Akutaq,Seward, United States

Akutaq Whipped fat mixed with fruits, fish, and sugar.

Typical food of Seward, United States

The gastronomy of Seward is based on several types of cuisine from the cultures that have influenced Alaska.
One of the favorite dishes of the people of Seward is “Bannock”, a round flatbread. It is typical of the Native American Indians and it is usually prepared with whole wheat flour, baking powder, and water; these ingredients are mixed and kneaded with spices or dried fruit and then fried, baked, or cooked on a stick over the fire. Once ready, it can be accompanied by melted cheese, honey, marmalade, and soups. Another popular meal widely used in the city is “Akutaq”, known as “Eskimo ice cream”. This specialty consists in whipped fat mixed with fruit (as cranberries or raspberries), fish, or sugar, recipes include beef, leaves, and roots. You can also try the crab and the local salmon, served smoked, cured, or even sweetened, as well as bear, deer, and elk meat.

To enjoy the gastronomic delights of Seward, we suggest you to visit Ray’s Waterfront Restaurant. This establishment offers dishes from Alaska in an atmosphere harmonized by the view of the port and the mountains. Here you can try crab or roasted salmon cakes, among other local specialties.


Useful Tips

  • You should check that your hotel has heating before you travel to Seward.
  • It is advisable to consume larger portions of carbohydrates in extremely cold climates, as well as wearing cream on hands and face plus lip balm.
  • You can practice hiking and mountain cycling in Seward, we recommend that you wear a jacket, pants, long-sleeved shirts, and sneakers or mountain boots.

The weather in Seward, United States

Seward has a subarctic climate, also known as a boreal, differing from other continental climates for having a cold season, which is generally long and with extremely low temperatures; and a cool season with constant rainfall. There are light to moderate rains throughout the year and an average temperature of 2 °C (35.5 °F). Snowfall occurs between October and April, being more intense from December to February.

What to bring by season

Cool season (May to September): this season in Seward has an average temperature of 5 °C (41 °F); the highest is 18 °C (64 °F) in July and August and the lowest is 2 °C (35.5 °F) in May. There is constant but moderate rainfall during these months. Days are longer than the rest of the year, lasting from 13 to 19 hours and the internsity of the UV rays is moderate. We recommend that you wear long-sleeved shirts, non-slip boots, a scarf, and a thick sweater or a jacket. Cold season (October to April): this season in Seward is extremely cold. April and October are the warmest months with temperatures of 7°C (44.5 °F) during the day and of -3 °C (26.5 °F) at night, the coldest month is January with temperatures of -14 to -5 °C (7 to 23 °F). The average temperature is -4 °C (25 °F), rainfall is less intense and regular, while the intensity of the UV rays is nil or low. Snowfall is usually light from April to October, but it increases to about 48 cm (19 in) in December. During these months you should wear thermal underwear, wool socks, non-slip snow shoes, polar pants, a sweater, a scarf, gloves, a hat, and a coat or a jacket.


About Seward, United States

The city of Seward in Alaska, discovered in 1792 by the explorer Alexander Baranov, is located on Resurrection Bay, on Kenai Peninsula. This coastal community is surrounded by majestic mountains covered with snow and a beautiful natural scenery, and offers activities as kayaking and fishing.

Its natural attractions include Mount Marathon and its annual Mount Marathon Race organized since 1908; Kenai Fjords National Park, protecting the glaciers on the east coast; and the Alaska Sea Life Center, the only public aquarium in the area set on the shores of Resurrection Bay.

Seward hosts several festivals throughout the year, as the Polar Bear Jump-off, the event where participants collect donations for a cancer society by jumping into the freezing waters from a boat or from the bay, including a carnival and a parade; as well as the Seward Spring Break Up Festival, and the Seward Music and Art Festival in September.

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