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Tahoma, CA, United States

Tahoma is ideal for those who like skiing and quiet places

Typical food

Dishes you can't miss

Typical food of Tahoma, CA, United States

Try international cuisine in Tahoma and its surroundings

Tahoma has several international restaurants, such as PDQ MarketWest Side Pizza, and Where We Met.


Useful Tips

  • - We suggest checking if the hotel you will stay at has heating and hot water.

    - We recommend staying bundled up to prevent getting the flu.

The weather in Tahoma, CA, United States

The weather of Tahoma is temperate to cold, with presence of snowfall

What to bring by season

Snow falls from November to April in Tahoma. August is the hottest month, with a maximum temperature of 25.9 °C (78 ºF), while January is the coldest month, with a maximum temperature of 5 °C (41 ºF). There can be freezing temperatures throughout the year.

We recommend wearing warm clothes as sweatshirts, sweaters, and jackets, closed-toe shoes, and long pants. You should dress in layers during the warmest month because of the variation in temperature during the day. We suggest packing gloves, a scarf, and a cotton hat.


About Tahoma, CA, United States

Tahoma is in El Dorado County, California, on the banks of Lake Tahoe, southeast of Homewood.

If you travel to this destination, you will have the opportunity to visit Sugar Pine Point State Park, where you can practice trekking, mountain cycling, and skiing, among other activites. Lake Tahoe becomes a ski center in winter, while in summer it is popular for its artificial beaches. Also, there are several casinos in the surroundings of the lake.

You can visit Marie Sluchak Park, which has a children's park and a stage where different summer shows are presented.

***The official currency of the United States is the United States Dollar (USD).

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