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Villa Carlos Paz, Argentina

Villa Carlos Paz is a town located in Valle de Punilla, next to Lake San Roque. It is considered the main tourist center of the province of Cordoba and one of the largest in Argentina.

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Typical food

Dishes you can't miss

Empanadas fiambre,Villa Carlos Paz, Argentina

Empanadas fiambre Exquisite dish made of baked pasta stuffed with beef or chicken, together with other ingredients of the region.

Cabrito serrano,Villa Carlos Paz, Argentina

Cabrito serrano Delicious dish made of goat kid that is fried and seasoned with vegetables, served in a delicate sauce of spices.

Pollo al disco,Villa Carlos Paz, Argentina

Pollo al disco Typical dish prepared with chicken and vegetables in a special circular pot.

Locro,Villa Carlos Paz, Argentina

Locro Traditional stew with potatoes, beans, corn, and pumpkin.

Aloja,Villa Carlos Paz, Argentina

Aloja Refreshing fermented drink made of local carob fruit.

Colación,Villa Carlos Paz, Argentina

Colación Popular typical sweet of the region, similar to the "alfajor" filled with caramel milk, with an exquisite cover of confectioner's sugar and meringue.

Typical food of Villa Carlos Paz, Argentina

The gastronomy of this destination is the result of the exquisite fusion of European cultures with indigenous ingredients and customs, making it a cosmopolitan and eclectic tradition.
In Villa Carlos Paz you can enjoy delicious regional dishes as “empanadas fiambre”, patties prepared with boiled chicken or beef, onion, peppers, pears, olives, and spices cooked in the oven, achieving an exquisite sweet and salty flavor; sometimes raisins grapes, and sugar are added. Other exquisite dishes include the popular “locro”, a stew based on potatoes, pumpkin, beans, and corn. You cannot miss the famous "chivito" or "cabrito" (goat kid), which can be grilled or roasted, as well as “pollo al disco”, chicken cooked in a pot called "disco de arado" (plow disc). There are also the very traditional “criollitos con chicharrón”, a type of puff pastry bread that is best enjoyed in the morning; and the delicious pastas, including delicious ravioli and sorrentinos with spinach, potato, and bacon.

For dessert time, it is very typical to enjoy a delicious “mazamorra”, prepared with corn, sugar, and vanilla, sometimes cinnamon is added; “arroz con leche”, rice pudding sprinkled with cinnamon and served with peaches with sugar; “alfajor”, made with caramel milk; the exquisite “colaciones”, similar to the alfajor, but covered with confectioner's sugar mixed with meringue to make it more spongy; along with the popular “alfeniques” and the typical sweets or "arropes", an exquisite kind of jam which is prepared with the fruit of the carob tree or prickly pear, without sugar or honey. “Patay” is another type of bread that is prepared from the fruit of the carob tree.

There is a variety of typical regional beverages, including the “aloja”, a fermented drink prepared with the fruits of the carob tree. This same preparation also receives the name of “añapa”, the difference is that the añapa it is not fermented and has a very characteristic sweet taste. “Chicha” is another very traditional fermented drink that is prepared with ground corn.

To enjoy any of the delicious typical dishes of the region, La Volanta Parrilla restaurant will delight you with its wide variety of roasts, including the exquisite goat kid, juicy veal, and homemade pastas. Villa Paz Restaurant also offers an extensive menu of delicate traditional food and barbecues. In the Confiteria Carlos Paz, you can enjoy delicious pizzas, snacks, and ice cream, while enjoying live shows.


Useful Tips

  • Villa Carlos Paz is on the shores of Lake San Roque, ideal for all kinds of activities and water sports. If you are a fan of this activities, we recommend that you bring what is necessary.
  • The weather is perfect for all kinds of outdoor activities, as hiking in the countryside or the mountains. Bring appropriate clothing and shoes.
  • The nights can be windy, especially near the lake, which is why it is important to always carry a sweater, no matter the month of the year.

The weather in Villa Carlos Paz, Argentina

Villa Carlos Paz has a semi-arid climate with dry winters and wet summers, with an annual average of 700 mm (27.5 in) of water. In general, the climate is ideal for all kinds of land and water sports. The annual average temperature is 19 ºC (66 °F).

What to bring by season

Hot season (November to March): these are the rainiest months in Villa Carlos Paz, with relative humidity of 65% and a hot weather at noon and in the early afternoon. The mornings and evenings are pleasant, while the nights are cool. Average temperatures range between 22 and 26 °C (71 and 78 °F), being January the hottest month. You should bring comfortable clothing and shoes, as well as sunglasses, a hat, sunscreen, and a swimsuit. Remember to pack a portable umbrella or a rain jacket. Cool season (April to October): the coldest months are also the driest. The days are cool with cold nights and average temperatures between 12 and 20 °C (53 and 68 °F). You should bring comfortable and warm clothing, including sweaters, jackets, and shoes.


About Villa Carlos Paz, Argentina

Villa Carlos Paz, within short distance of the city of Cordoba, is surrounded by the picturesque Lake San Roque. It is actually a reservoir, but the families of Córdoba and Buenos Aires come to this destination to swim and go sailing, jet skiing, and windsurfing as if it were a lake.

Throughout the year, people come to Villa Carlos Paz to play outdoors during the day and to celebrate at night, with buses carrying young people from Córdoba to its nightclubs or its bowling alleys. This city comes alive between January and February, when thousands of tourists visit it. Various activities as theater, music, and dancing shows fill the air of the night in this destination. However, you do not need to be a night creature to come to Villa Carlos Paz, since the lakeside resorts are one of the most serene alternatives.

***The official currency of Argentina is the Argentine Peso (ARS).